DailyBubble #18 – Bossing Around

Posted on Monday Nov 14, 2011

3 Responses to “DailyBubble #18 – Bossing Around”

  1. Haruka Says:

    I’m ready for them!

  2. Aaron Says:

    The Rayman Origins Demo Is Much Better That Most Full Games!

    I Agree With Haruka Bring Them On!
    (Rayman Forever!)

  3. Aaron Says:

    Well First off Hello… Well That’s The Formality out of the way, I completely Disagree With HappySpaceInvader who commented on the difficulty of Rayman Origins (I Disagree but I still respect it!), as in my opinion The Rayman Origins demo’s Difficulty was perfect as on one hand The game can be easy if you have your best buddy or someone you know playin with ya, and you looked out for each other (This means NOT Punching them into a pitfall! Sorry Buddy!), and on the other hand when you play solo you can have a more “serious” game play approach. Now generally speaking I personally have been playing Rayman since I Was No Age so (Hopefully Without boasting) I am quite good at Rayman so this would give me an advantage over others.
    However the game HAS been play tested by its wonderful creators so it can be easy at times and harder at others. As for the newer or younger audience who have not been introduced to 2D platforming Rayman Origins Is the Perfect Choice as a first platformer, as for me and my two other friends when we first got the demo we instantly knew the controls and we were amazed by how simple they were! As I watched videos of Rayman Origins back in the old early 2010 I thought the controls would be very complex but I was pleasantly surprised! It’s clear that some people will definitely enjoy this game whist others may not, To the Whole Rayman Origins Team Congrats on the Best Xbox Game of the Millennium! (Lol) Keep up the good work! Also I LOVE the around the world Music! I learnt it on the Electric Guitar the day the trailer came out!!!
    (Rayman Forever)